Touted as one of the biggest baddies in the Star Wars universe, General Grievous was an over-the-top throwback to the moustache-twirling villains of yesteryear. Infinitely boisterous, yet cowardly, Grievous was a completely CGI creation by Industrial Light & Magic, the studio that handled all six Star Wars movies.

As a twisted hybrid of alien and robot, Grievous didn’t set a lofty standard in terms of real emotions or nuanced acting, but in terms of pinpoint detail and impressive action, Grievous might still be the best ever. Whether he was wielding four lightsabers at once, or flying around in a slick starship, Grievous was always convincing and never dull, which is the mark of any memorable CGI character.

After seeing what could be done with these animated characters, we only wish that ILM and George Lucas would have settled on creating a completely computer generated Anakin Skywalker so we could be spared the horrible acting of Hayden Christensen.