Nosalgic children of the '90s, your endless demands for more throwback television have finally been met—the ranch-bound, lasso-swigning teens of Hey Dude have returned to TeenNick!

The cast, which once included David Brisbin (Mr. Ernst), David Lascher (Ted), Christine Taylor (Melody), Kelly Brown (Brad), and Joe Torres (Danny), first appeared on the Bar None Ranch in 1989, and due to the success of TeenNick's '90's programming block The ’90s Are All That, will once again reprise their iconic roles (in reruns, that is).

Additionally, TeenNick has also changed the time slot of The ’90s Are All That lineup, moving it from its current past-our-bedtime 12 to 2 a.m. slot, to two hours earlier at 10 a.m. So now we can watch one of our favorite old-school shows without stumbling into work looking like a homeless zombie.

And what's more, Stick Stickly will be back as your memorably one-dimensional host for a segment called "U Pick With Stick", which will air fan-chosen episodes, which you can vote for via Facebook and

Nick, you are far too good to us! Now please proceed to bring back these shows, stat.

[via Entertainment Weekly]