Last week I had one of those 10 minute flashes of the grass being greener on the other side while waiting in the security line at Philly Int'l Airport. I was consumed momentarily by images of 40th floor corner offices, managing personnel, and schedules. Thinking of responsibilities like reading reports and doing research, with puffy loads of financial "security" and eventual comfortable retirement floating above me. You know, the American Dream drill. 

Upon coming back to Earth 400 miles from home, I realized yet again that it's truly a blessing to be independent. It's a gift from above to be able to make a living through my creative writing and production ideas, to be able to travel, playing music for people, and experiencing three or four climates a month at times. The difference after this recent moment is that I'm inspired now to truly begin turning my complaints into solutions more quickly, above the clouds. I'm inspired to continue looking for my own downbeat, and accept the idea of living both surrounded and isolated at once. Surrounded by my family at all times, isolated from fans and patrons by the responsibility of entertaining them. Ironic but true, and far from a complaint. Lucky for me, I have the variety of hip-hop breaks and soul one night, house music and tropicalia the next, afrobeat the next, rare groove after that, and who knows what for the next event. With everything going on in the world today, I am more thankful than ever for falling in love with music and the arts.

"Usually, if i don't die that means I'm gonna be OK."