Jay-Z would not approve of this.

Meet "rich person," “meathead,” and amateur competitive eater Kevin Strahle. This New Jersey resident responded to Occupy Wall Street by buying a $260 bottle of Cristal—which is clearly on sale for $199.99—and crushing it in less than a minute.

On YouTube, Strahle posted this message to accompany the video:

People can OCCUPY WALL STREET but I OCCUPY $260 bottles of CRISTAL CHAMPAGNE because I can afford to piss away my money

You gotta love that. We wouldn’t exactly classify this as chugging because he pauses in between herculean sips to unleash a few suburb-rattling burps. Strahle closes the video by profoundly proclaiming that it tastes “like shit.” At least he didn’t pay full price.

[via Gawker]