Eager comic book fans worldwide can finally rest easy because the first trailer for Marvel's epic superhero showdown, The Avengers, is finally on iTunes Movie Trailers. And like most debut trailers, it leaves us with a lot more questions than answers. 

Sure it shows off the new outfits for Captain America and Thor, as well as Jeremy Renner as the master marksman, Hawkeye, but the trailer also has us wondering just who is behind all of the destruction throughout New York. There have been rumors about Loki teaming up with Marvel's resident shape-shifting aliens, the Skrulls, yet only the God of Mischief appears in the trailer. If the Skrulls do show up in the movie, their big reveal might be held off until opening night. 

Either way, between some glamour shots of Scarlett Johansson, an impressive glimpse at Iron Man in mid-flight, and an absolutely fierce look at Mark Ruffalo turning into the Hulk, this brief Avengers trailer is a jaw-dropping tease. 

Let's hope that director Joss Whedon can actually deliver what this short footage promises when The Avengers gets released on May 4, 2012. 

[via iTunes Movie Trailers]