Meet Sherwin Rogers. He’ll be spending the next three months in jail. Why? Oh, nothing, he just stashed 10 pounds of weed in the basement of Special Moments Day Care in East Flatbush. If you think that’s wild, listen to how Rogers got caught up in with Johnny Law.

Back in 2009, police got word of the stash after investigating an armed robbery at the day care center. Following a shootout with the police, the robbers informed the cops that there was weed in the basement. Talk about a come up, and yes, you read all of that correctly. Anyway, the police went back to Special Moments the next day and it was revealed that the day care center was a front for a drug haven. In addition to the weed, they also found $100,000 in cash. Behind every great cop is a singing snitch.

Rogers got lucky, as he was looking at 15 years after pleading guilty to first-degree marijuana possession in April. According to the New York Post, his lawyer pretty much begged the judge to further delay his sentencing because the same robbers (and snitches) were threatening his clients’ wife. Most likely disgusted at the whole situation, the judge asked that Rogers be jailed immediately.

Weed at the day care center though? We suppose it’s never to start that higher learning. Could this be why a recent poll showed that slightly less than half of Americans don’t want weed to be legalized? Doesn’t matter, as this shit will happen regardless.

[via Gothamist]