Director: Scott Glosserman

Eli Craig says: This is kind of like a documentary of a guy who becomes a mass serial killer. This film is by Scott Glosserman, who desperately wanted to steal my script and make Tucker & Dale, by the way.

Basically, the film is about this guy, played by Nathan Besal, and he talks about how tough it is to be a serial killer and all the media attention given to him. Being a mass-psycho-horror-slasher takes a lot of work! You gotta be on an aerobics plan, you have to be able to outrun people without making it looking like you're running. When you're running like crazy, running like mad, you have to make it look like you're walking! You know how tiring that is?  There's a lot of funny stuff about what it takes to be a psycho slasher, and it's all documentary style.