Food is staging a takeover of your TV. It started innocently enough, but since the fateful day that The Food Network landed in 1993, there has been an unstoppable surge of shows hopping on the culinary entertainment bandwagon. Programs devoted entirely to pursuits of the palette have become impossible to escape, and every channel you click on has a fresh batch of chefs duking it out in the kitchen or an overly cheerful fem-bot stirring something up. And the worst part? We can't even put down what they're whipping up, we can only drool from afar.

But the problem is, we really, really want to. We sit in front of our televisions, stomachs loudly protesting, while we yearn for what is on the other side of the screen. Of course we do: Being food-obsessed is the American way. And packing on the pounds has inadvertently become the new black. We are getting wider by the week and we can only think of one thing to point our chubby fingers at: Food Shows. 

We're helpless at the the hand of their cruel culinary taunting! And The Food Network's Sugar Highwhich comes to its gluttonous conclusion tonight at 10:30 p.m., has been leading the tempting pack. Duff Goldman (of Ace of Cakes fame) has spent an entire season teasing us by parading the nation's most saccharine-soaked food products past our firmly couch-implanted asses. And as much as we'd like to blame the cake guru, he hasn't been alone in his sweet seductions.

We slaved over our computers (did you think we were going to say stove, fool?) to find you the guiltiest, most indulgence-inducing shows in America. So, thanks to Complex, when you go to pull up your jeans and can't even button the damn things, you know whose fault it is. It's not your disgusting lack of self-control in the presence of fried foods that's to blame, it's The 10 Food Shows Most Likely To Kill America.

Written by Shanté Cosme (@ShanteCosme)