Five years ago, Willow, a cat, vanished from her home in Boulder, Colorado. On Monday, she materialized, wandering on East 20th Street in Manhattan. Some dude found her and took her to the Animal Care and Control’s Manhattan shelter, and using a tiny microchip planted under Willow’s skin, they were able to identify her.

After spending five years believing that Willow was eaten by a nearby family of coyotes, the Squires family of Boulder was ecstatic when they received the call that she was alive. Nobody is sure how the hell this cat made it 5,000 miles from Colorado to New York, but she made it. In one piece.

Willow’s story is similar to a lot of girls who leave the Midwest with dreams of making it big, only to wind up being found wandering the streets of Manhattan by some dude (or several) years later. Unfortunately, they don’t usually end this well.

[via NY Daily News]