It's been one day since Resistance 3 landed on shelves and gamers are already applauding Insomniac Games' single-player mode. Looking to entice players even more, Insomniac Senior Community Manager James Stevenson announced via the PlayStation blog, a new competitve multiplayer game mode called "Invasion."

Sounding quite similar to Battlefield 3's "Conquest" mode, "Invasion" requires both teams to divide resources to simultaneously own various nodes scattered across the map. As you hold the positions, the more points you generate for your side. For $3.99 the Survival Pack DLC also includes four new skins of the various Survivors in the game, as well as a static XMB theme for those who want to raise their Resistance 3 flags high. Also, Sony is releasing a game patch that includes two new multiplayer maps.

That's a lot of bang for the buck and if you have the scratch, you can get the DLC on October 4th. What are your impressions of the game so far? Enjoy the clip and share your thoughts in the comments section below!

[via PlayStation Blog]