Users who loaded up Deep Silver’s Dead Island when it launched yesterday on Valve’s Steam service received an unpleasant little surprise: an incomplete version of the game. An error was made and a pre-release developer’s build of the game made its way to the service, sporting numerous bugs and the notation of it being a “Xbox Live Submission Project Version”.

Deep Silver was quick to address the problem and resolved the issue late in the afternoon via a patch released through the Steam service. In a press release issued late yesterday, PR guru Aubrey Norris noted that players could update the game effective immediately and all of the issues that existed in the incorrect build would be resolved. Unfortunately, some users who had put some time in on the game may have issues in loading their game-saves with the corrected build. Although the details have not been announced, Deep Silver has promised to make things up to thew fans who were effected by the issue. The staff and development team are currently ironing out plans and will announce something soon.

Ouch, that is a rough way to launch your title by hopefully the hype and anticipation behind the game will carry it through these initial, rough waters...

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