The Counter Strike series was born through the efforts of modders and home-programmers so it is no surprise that Valve is reaching out to that same community to enhance the new game in the series. Counter Strike: Global Offensive will contain two special Arsenal modes when the game launches next years, based heavily on the Counter Strike: Source mod Gun Game. Arsenal: Arms Race and Arsenal: Demolition are the result of Valve’s partnership with the creators of the Gun Game mod.

Both modes aim to play as closely to the original Gun Game mod as possible. If you don’t know, Gun Game is a mode where all players start with the same firearm and they earn more powerful firearms with each kill they obtain. Sound familiar Black Ops fans? It should...

Valve is integrating 8 brand new maps into these new modes and making sure that they work in conjuction with the gameplay elements introduced by the original mod. You would be hard pressed to find a company that reaches out to its community more than Valve does and actions like this show their dedication to their audience.

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