Today is President Barack Obama's 50th birthday. And while our nation's 44th president told NPR that all he wanted for his born-day was a debt ceiling deal, we believe the commander-in-chief had a couple more things on his list. Things with processors and screens and buttons. Why do we think this? Because Barry's a techie. Two years in, and the President has shown a great commitment to using current technology to communicate with the masses, as well as familiarizing himself with all the major players in the tech world. If that wasn't enough, we all remember his famous resistance to giving up his beloved BlackBerry, or him voicing his displeasure with how low-fi the Oval Office is. Before his Twitter town hall meeting last month, we recounted all the best times Obama and tech world collided. For those that missed it: as you wish him well on his day of days, take a look back at Prisident Obama's Most Memorable Tech Moments. 

President Obama's Most Badass Tech Moments