This week is Part Uno of "All Euro Everything" with your man flying into Paris, France, taking a train from Paris to Sète for the Worldwide Festival 2011, and then getting back to Paris to spin with Miles Cleret (Soundway Records), Alex Soulist, and The Mexican Institut at Le Petit Bain for Bal Tropical.

Thursday I'm taking another train to Amsterdam, then to Blijburg, Netherlands, for the Cost Del Soul Festival, and finally ending my mini EU Tour in Ghent, Belgium, at Gentse Feesten 2011 on July 18. Amsterdam and Ghent will be at the top of next week's column. I was wondering aloud about how to truly share my experience this week and figured I would take pictures and write in French, or Dutch…but I'm only try-lingual, which put the brakes on that potentially brilliant idea. So here are the links to where I played records for folks this week, and some shots from my first 8 days in Europe.

Salute. Bonjour. Dui. Bon Appetit, Pork Chops & Applesauce.

WWF 2011, Sète, France (July 9) 

Le Petit Bain, Paris (July 13) 

Costa del Soul Festival, Blijburg, Netherlands (July 16) 

Gentse Feesten, Ghent, Belgium (July 18)