When the iPad debuted last year, a lot of people were calling it the Kindle killer. The thinking went that if users had the option of reading eBooks on a device that could also surf the web, run apps and do other computer like functions, then they would abandon eReaders like the Kindle that offer comparatively limited functionality.

Well, a year and a half later, that theory doesn't seem to have held up. eReaders are doing just fine-- in fact they're doing great. Twice as many adults (12 percent) reported owning an eReader in May than they did just last November, according to a Pew poll. Only eight percent of adults had tablets, by contrast, a modest three percent increase from November of last year despite the introduction of the iPad 2 and a slew of other devices from Motorola, Samsung, RIM and others.

Like television and radio or blogs and news sites, tablets and eReaders seem to be working out a co-existence. For now, at least.

[Pew via Business Insider]