Beyond questions of form and function, what everyone really wants to know about the iPad 2 is whether it will elicit an appearance from one Steven P. Jobs. The Apple chief unveiled the original iPad and basically every other game-changing Apple device released in the past several years, but this time he's off duty due to a medical leave he started back in January. In the past, Jobs has taken time off due to a liver transplant, a hormonal imbalance and a rare form of pancreatic cancer.

Acting CEO Tim Cook is expected to deliver the keynote at tomorrow's scheduled unveiling of the second iPad, but AllThingsD's Kara Swisher is reporting that Jobs is "definitely considering" making an appearance.

Since Jobs' health issues are obviously a distracting lightening rod for press coverage, an extended appearance by the Apple founder is probably a bad idea. But, we think calling up Steve with the new tablet's expected FaceTime camera could be a nice, crowd-pleasing touch. We'll be tuned in tomorrow to see what goes down, Jobs or no Jobs.

Sort of hard to imagine these things without him, right?