So the plotline of The Big Bang goes something like this: Ned Cruz (Antonio Banderas) is a private eye living in L.A., and he gets an offer from a paroled Russian boxer to find a gorgeous stripper, Lexie, who also happens to possess $30 million worth of diamonds. As the investigation unfolds, Cruz comes across a Hollywood action star (James Van Der Beek), a pornographer (Snoop Dogg), and a waitress (Autumn Reeser) who all have issues of their own. In addition, a twisted billionaire (Sam Elliott) and his physicist (Jimmi Simpson) are found in an attempt to recreate the Big Bang beneath the New Mexico desert. Bodies are dropped, cops get involved, and truth must be discovered before the whole world blows up.

With that said, we think this comedic neo-noir could be a sleeper triumph or a laughable miss. Except for the colorful aesthetics, and Banderas' usual suaveness, not much excitement was drawn from this trailer. The appearance of notables like Elliot and the ideal casting of Snoop as a porno expert undoubtedly pique our interest as well, but will their roles even play a significant part?

Guess we’ll find out on May 13.