Eventually, damn near every young actor dabbles in the horror genre. The unlucky ones do so early in their careers when any job is a good job (see: Brad Pitt in 1987’s Cutting Class). Others, however, wait until they’re stars have aligned and everything’s all good. The latest example is Shia LaBeouf, who’s just attached himself Horns, an adaptation of best-selling horror writer Joe Hill’s 2010 novel.

Joe Hill is actually a pen name; his birth name is Joseph Hillstrom King, the son of legendary author Stephen King. The man behind the popular comic book series Locke & Key, Hill is a damn good writer in his own right, and Horns is a doozy. It follows Ig Perrish, a 26-year-old guy who wakes up one morning with a massive hangover, horns sprouting from his temples, and a few wicked yet dangerous powers at his disposal. To make matters worse, his girlfriend was recently raped and killed.

LaBeouf will no doubt play Ig, but he’s also going to work closely with the project through its developmental stages.

[Via The Playlist]