Milla Jovovich lived up to her threat made in the immediate wake of Resident Evil: Afterlife's release, enthusing "it's the biggest film in the franchise; let's do Resi 5 soon!" Guess Screen Gems and Sony are afraid to let the reigning Queen of Kick-Butt go and has given Jovovich and series honcho-slash-hubby Paul WS Anderson a date for the fifth installment: September 14, 2012.

According to Coming Soon there's absolutely no details of a script, director or cast yet, and with their fidelity to the games in question, you never know what to expect next. Will we see Leon Kennedy fighting zombies in Africa alongside Sheva Alomar? Don't hold your breath. These films have been critic-and-fanboy-proof, so we'll see if Resident Evil 5 can continue the weird trend of being massively successful in the face of pure and utter universal disgust.

Up next for Screen Gems is another video-game-to-film adaptation in the form of Capcom's Devil May Cry. We'll keep you posted as more about these stories develop.