Continuing our slow scroll through the films of David Lynch (more to come later this month), we turn our compass to Chicago, where the Facet Cinematheque presents a midnight screening of his 2001 mind-blower Mulholland Drive. After Lost Highway, Lynch really started taking a turn down a road where continuity and an easily discernible plot became less important than a permeating sense of dread. But that’s not a bad thing in this case. Naomi Watts stars as a small-town actress trying to “make it” in L.A. who ends up immersed in a world of bizarre cowboys, torch singers, and lesbian trysts after a mysterious woman with amnesia falls into her world. A slow-burn peek at the strange underbelly of Los Angeles, this movie requires repeated viewings to fully unpeel it, but it’s worth seeing just for the Billy Ray Cyrus cameo.-Finn Cohen

Mulholland Drive
Saturday, March 5
Facet Cinematheque
1517 West Fullerton Ave, Chicago