With Apple Stores and Best Buys around the country out of stock, buying an iPad 2 has proved harder than getting GE to pay taxes. But AppleInsider has learned that Apple's newest tablet will hit the shelves of 500 RadioShack stores starting Tuesday (March 29), opening up a new place to purchase the elusive handheld. 

AppleInsider is reporting that the deal that brought the iPad 2 to RadioShack was finalized over the past couple of days. We're surprised it didn't happen sooner as the two companies struck a deal last March to bring the iPhone to RadioShack. 

There have been signs that iPad 2 inventory is improving with Apple's online store showing a quicker shipping time of three weeks. Hopefully having another retail outlet carry the tablet will mean more people can get one sooner than later. 

Either that, or you're about to see some long-ass lines outside of your local RadioShack.

[via AppleInsider]