British filmmaker Christopher Smith is one of the most diverse, and underrated, directors out there, with a growing track record that includes the well-received psychological thriller Triangle and horror comedy Severance. So when we heard that he’s creating an adventure movie full of necromancy and Paganism, set against the Black Death, excitement came instantly. English actor Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring) plays a knight on a mission to investigate the truth about an eerie village, which hasn’t been tainted by diseases. Eddie Redmayne (The Yellow Handkerchief) acts as a love-thirsty monk who joins the envoy lead by Bean’s character, with hopes of reuniting with his cute blonde wifey. When the crew finally arrives in the shady sanctuary, they’re greeted by the village's mysterious leader (Carice van Houten), who takes them before she reprimands them for praising God. Don't expect any "kumbaya" crooning or peaceful resolutions. After a successful run in England, the film is now available On Demand, or you can wait to catch it in theaters on March 11.