In a tight economy it isn’t always clear what you should spend your hard earned money on, and with comic books getting more and more expensive, your dollar doesn’t go as far at the comic shop as it used to. We here at Complex feel your pain, so we're compiling a weekly list of which books are truly worth your money. Keep reading for all the goodness hitting shelves today.

Detective Comics Classics (Collects Detective Comics #377, #384-385 and Batman Family #1)

What it’s about: Old school Batman at its finest! With a writing staff that features the legendary Gardner Fox, Mike Friedrich, and Elliot S. Maggin, and art by the amazing Gil Kane, Mike Grell, and Jose Luis-Garcia Lopez, among others, this special reprinting is great for nostalgic Bat-fans. With stories featuring the Riddler and a special team-up tale starring Batgirl and Robin, this is a book that will remind fans of why they fell in love with the Caped Crusader in the first place.

Green Lantern #62

What it’s about: Thanks to writer Geoff Johns, the Green Lantern went from an afterthought character always on the cusp of having his book canceled, to one of DC’s most marketable stars. Beginning all the way back in Green Lantern: Rebirth, Johns has been crafting the best Green Lantern stories since the Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams '70s run.
What to expect this month: With War of the Green Lanterns just around the corner, Hal Jordan and Sinestro are still searching the Earth for every Lantern entity. While this issue marks the end of an already existing story arc, it will still be understandable for new fans if you do a little research. This issue is also important because it will set up big things for the rest of the year’s stories. If you want to get into Green Lantern then get this issue and start picking up the rest of Geoff Johns’ run on the character. Plus, in every issue of Green Lantern there is an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming film.

Fables #102

What it’s about: Bill Willingham’s Fables is a perfect example on how to craft an engrossing comic book that isn’t dependent on superheroes with household names or characters starring in big budget Hollywood movies. Fables is a book about classic fairytale characters such as Snow White, Pinocchio, The Big Bad Wolf, and others as they try to adapt to the modern world. With sharp humor, inventive plots and memorable characters, Fables is easily one of the best books on shelves and should be picked up by anyone who enjoys a good fantasy story.
What to expect this month: This is the perfect time to start picking up Fables as this issue is the start of a new story arc titled Super Group. In what is sure to be a send-up of the superhero genre, Super Group will undoubtedly feature the same charm that previous Fables stories have.

Amazing Spider-Man #654.1

What it’s about: Dan Slott’s run on Amazing Spider-Man has been on a different level than anything any recent Spidey writer has tried. With a blend of over-the-top action, spot-on characterizations, and Slott’s own brand of off-color humor, Spider-Man has never been in better hands. And while this book puts an emphasis on what is fun about Spider-Man, it is still plenty poignant and emotionally involving.
What to expect this week: Venom! This won’t be Eddie Brock’s “brain eating” Venom, but instead it’s the version of the sinister symbiote that was introduced to readers last week. This new Venom is none other than Peter Parker’s high school bully, Flash Thompson. And while this new Venom isn’t a villain, there are still sure to be some harsh words exchanged between Spidey and him. Plus, this issue is part of Marvel’s Point One initiative, so it is designed to be an easily accessible read with new fans in mind!

Silver Surfer #1 (of 5)

What it’s about: Written by Greg Pak with gorgeous art by Stephen Segovia, this new Silver Surfer miniseries has all the potential in the world. Greg Pak has turned out two of the best stories that Marvel has run in recent memory in the form of the Planet Hulk saga and Magneto: Testament. Both stories invigorated interest in their respective main characters and became benchmark releases in the last decade of Marvel publishing. While Silver Surfer books usually end up underperforming in terms of sales, they usually wind up being stellar reads too.
What to expect this month: The Silver Surfer, the High Evolutionary, and Galactus! This series promises to be a celestial showdown as Marvel asks the question “…can the herald of Galactus survive the judgment of NORRIN RAND, the man within the Silver Surfer?” Silver Surfer books are usually few and far between, so the fact that Marvel is releasing this should be evidence enough that this is a story worth picking up.