Just hearing the word “remake” is enough to make us want to break a Friday The 13th 2009 DVD over someone’s head. And, what makes it worse, is that it seems like there’s a new reboot announced every day, typically within fanboy genres. Every now and then, however, one gets announced that we’re actually excited about, and today’s remake du jour is just that.

logans run posterDeadline spills the beans that Ryan Gosling—one of the best actors working today, believe that—is finalizing a deal with Warner Bros. to headline a remake of the 1973 science fiction classic Logan’s Run. That’s not the only good news: Gosling’s director will be Nicolas Winding Refn, a Denmark-born filmmaker you need to get familiar with if you’re not already. Start with his frenetic Pusher action trilogy, then move on to the incredibly visceral biopic Bronson (starring Tom Hardy), and then check out last year’s hallucinogenic Viking pic Valhalla Rising, and you should be a Refn fan in no time.

Logan’s Run won’t be Gosling’s first collaboration with the director; this September, their action-thriller Drive will hit screens, and will hopefully serve as a great sign of things to come. When the pair begins production on Logan’s Run, it’ll mark the end of a long journey for the remake. At one point, Bryan Singer (The Usual Suspects, X-Men, X2) was in tow to direct, but he eventually fell back. Honestly, as much as we like Singer’s work, we’re happy he did—it’s about time Nicolas Winding Refn broke through into Hollywood’s mainstream. And, about Gosling: How Jeff Bridges scored a Best Oscar nomination for True Grit over Gosling's shattering performance in Blue Valentine is beyond us. But, let's not digress. 

For those who stand outside Comic-Con and make fun of the people entering, Logan’s Run centers on Logan 5 (previously played by Michael York; this time, Gosling), a bounty hunter of sorts who’s tasked with finding people who flee from mandatory death-at-30 and then killing them. Logan 5 still ages himself, though; when he approaches 30 himself, he becomes the one on the run.