A few months ago when we ran into a wild-eyed dude clutching the AIA Guide to New York and yelling "Look up! Look up!" on Lafayette Street, our immediate thought was "Ain't it nice to see a good ol' fashioned crazy dude in the East Village." "That guy should be our architecture columnist." So, we hired him, and the result has been the very popular Look Up series focusing on cool New York buildings. Well, it seems we picked the right guy, because that dude (Mr. Babak Bryan) has just been named a "Top 20 Under 40" architect by ENR New York magazine. Now, we know what you're asking yourself: How much more ass do you get when you're on a list like that? Only Babak can say for sure, but we imagine it's not quite as much as if you're on, say, The New Yorker's "20 Under 40" fiction list (that said, architecture girls > literary girls any day). But it's still a feather in his cap and congratulations are in order. So, Bravo Complex! We've clearly got impeccable taste in guest columinsts! (Oh, and salute to Babak. Now, as our bosses are fond of saying: Go do it again.)