See what was on our minds in '89? Not much has changed.

Any man who's dated a chick for more than a month knows that things go in cycles. To constantly bring you the future of freshness like we do, Complex has to keep perspective on not only what is hot, but also what was hot so we can stay one step ahead of your average retro kid. And thus our new feature "Complex Back In The Day" was born.

See, Complex might have been founded in 2003, but our taste is timeless. What would we have covered if we were around 10, 15, or 20 years ago? For the first edition of "Complex Back In The Day," we're taking a close look at The Best of 1989. We created fake covers with some of our favorite '89 celebs, and then rounded up our favorite sneakers, movies, TV shows, albums, video games, women, brands, trends, and more in a series of top 10 lists...


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