Wow, it's been a rough couple weeks for the Garden State. First there was the full fledged shootout in Jersey City between armed robbery suspect Hassan Shakur and the JCPD that left three officers critically injured and one dead. Then a week later we get news that 44 public officials, including Secaucus Mayor Dennis Elwell, were arrested during an FBI sting that was the culmination of a large probe into the political corruption that goes down throughout the state. Way to go, New Jersey! Way to take some of the media attention off of New York's fumbling Senate dealings for a short period of time.

Despite all the craziness that's transpired in the most densely populated state in the country, Jersey is still a great place to... take a weekend trip to, or something. And not just because they've got a couple worthwhile beaches—New Jersey is and has been home to some of the sexiest females in the world. To take your mind off all that's been plaguing America's third state, we've compiled nine of Jersey's best beauties for your enjoyment...

CLAIM TO FAME: After short stints in TV, Ali was willing to do anything to break into the movie business, and with that the whip cream bikini from Varsity Blues was born. We wonder what she'll do for an Oscar nod.


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