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Michael Jackson was the most influential pop icon in modern history. So it's no surprise that when he passed away last week, many political leaders from around the world delivered written condolences acknowledging his unparalleled impact. Some reporters even questioned President Obama's lack of a formal response, noting that MJ had a long history of using his star power to influence humanitarian efforts.

In fact, MJ holds 13 different titles in the Guinness Book Of World Records, one of which names him as the most philanthropic pop star of all time—donating over $300 million to charities. So in honor of the King of Pop, here are some of MJ's most high-profile encounters with the political world...

MJ Receives Presidential Public Safety Award From President Reagan, May 14, 1984
• At only 25, Mike's name was ringing like his manager's phone. Here he accepts an award for basically allowing his classic hit "Beat It" to be used for a campaign against drunk driving. Also, I can only assume that Reagan must have felt that the moonwalk really complimented his Star Wars program.


MJ writes "We Are The World", 1985
• With assistance from Nicole Ritchie's dad, MJ wrote one of the most well-known hooks of all time and recruited 45 musical all-stars to hop on the track. Revenues exceeded $100 million and were donated to the humanitarian organization "USA for Africa," which specifically helped to alleviate hunger in Somalia. '09 remix, anyone?


MJ Honored by President George Walker Bush as "Artist Of The Decade", 1990
• In his second visit to the White House, MJ gets props from the former head of the CIA for being named "Artist Of The Decade". You know whose phone got tapped after this ceremony.


MJ sings "Heal The World" at President Clinton's Inauguration, 1993
• Jackson, a supporter of the Democratic Party, looked out for Clinton and delivered this memorable performance at Mr. 42's Inauguration. But when it came to groupies, Bill definitely gave MJ a run for his money.


U.S. Congress Honors Michael Jackson, 2009
• In a rare show of formal recognition, members of the U.S. Congress held a moment of silence in honor of the legend's untimely death. R.I.P.

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