John Brown: The Best Barack Obama Impersonators

John Brown: The Best Barack Obama Impersonators

In his weekly column, rapper John Brown'the self-proclaimed "King Of Da Burbz"'will be offering his insight into politics and current events to the Complex readers. Check out "Politickin With John Brown" every Thursday.

Now that we've officially begun the Obama era'or the post-Bush era, whichever you're more excited about'it's time to find someone to mock him. Whether it was Dana Carvey playing out George Walker Bush, Will Ferrell getting at Dubya or Tina Fey ethering Palin, caricatured impersonations are mandatory for ridiculing and de-humanizing our narcissistic bureaucrats. Since everyone's been hating on SNL's Obama (played by Fred Armisen), let's see some options for his replacement...


• It's always useful for any leader to have an identical stunt double to throw off a plotting enemy or to just simply attend an uneventful meeting. I believe Obama has found his man.


• His tone and mannerisms are almost there but something's missing...


• Damn, he's come along way since his days as Shanaynay. As the only one to actually impersonate Mr. 44 in front of the First Family, Foxx reminds us why got that Oscar. Check the clip at 2:07.


• I caught Zoo Man doing this spot-on impersonation at Cipha Sounds' comedy show "Don't Get Gassed". His response about Michelle Obama definitely had the house gassed. "Does she look unsatisfied??"


• This cat's been getting alot of burn and there's buzz that he might get the gig at SNL. This clip of him conducting an interview shows why he might be the all-around comedic embodiment of our Commander In Chief.

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