This week, the premiere episode of Complex's new series Blueprint was released, with legendary music executive Jimmy Iovine sitting down with Complex Editor-in-Chief Noah Callahan-Bever to journey through Iovine's legacy, which includes everything from starting Interscope Records to Beats By Dre to his obsession with streaming music. 

In this clip from the full interview, Callahan-Bever wonders if there's one thing that's propelled all of Iovine's successes, and Iovine breaks it down beautifully. "Turning fear into a tail wind instead of a head wind," Iovine says. "Fear is as powerful as the force, and if you can harness it, what an asset."

"When I feel fear," Iovine concludes, "I train myself to move forward."

Check out Iovine's full interview via Complex, and make sure to tune into The Defiant Ones on HBO. The four-part documentary event chronicles Iovine and Dr. Dre's unlikely partnership. The series runs through Wednesday on HBO at 9 p.m., or you can watch all episodes on-demand on HBO GO and HBO NOW.