In a new interview with Billboard, John Legend opened up about his feelings towards Donald Trump and his recent success after calling the presidential candidate a racist on Twitter last week. "I think it’ll be a very stark choice,” John told Billboard at SXSW. "I made it pretty clear the presumptive Republican nominee is not one of my favorite people." Given the circumstances, he believes that a lot of artists are going to be paying attention to the election this year and making their support for their respective candidates known. "Artists are, I think in general, compassionate people and part of what makes us artists is that we’re open-minded people, and I think we’re almost by definition progressive in a lot of ways. We want to see more beauty and more love in the world, so I think all of us are going to come out in different places about who we’re going to support. But I think it’s going to be hard for a lot of artists to support somebody who’s so intolerant.”

Interestingly enough, both the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders campaigns have reached out to John and asked for support. For now, he isn't endorsing anyone until after the primaries. As for what he wants in a leader, John explained, “I just want a president that’s a great leader, that leads with love for the people, that’ll be the voice for the voiceless, and hopefully we’ll have a president that’s doing that." It's understandable that his mind is so focused on the future when he has a new baby girl due this year with wife and model, Chrissy Teigen. John definitely isn't alone in his feelings either. Yesterday, Rae Sremmurd also took a moment during their SXSW set to denounce Trump. You can read John's full interview here.