CNN decided to spotlight Detroit's own Big Sean today, putting the rapper on air to discuss his youth charity initiatives in his home city. Sean started the Sean Anderson Foundation back in 2012, with goals to help disadvantaged youth in his hometown as well as across the nation. He recently donated a high-end recording studio to Cass Technical High School, where he once attended, and CNN interviewed him about the experience. "What's funny is I used to get in trouble for selling my CDs in the hallway," he laughed. "You can just imagine what it feels like to be back."

Nonetheless, Sean is dedicated to helping Detroit youth. "It's just so easy to get caught in the wrong things when you're young. As a mentor I see the importance of showing people their inner potential," he explained. He feels that as a successful Detroit native, he needs to be doing everything he can to help others out of similar situations. "I've got to give back, that's my responsibility," he said.

Students and teachers are also interviewed in the clip, talking about how much the donation means to them. Aside from the recording studio, Sean's foundation also recently mobilized support for the Flint water crisis. You can check out his entire uplifting interview in the video above.