Action Bronson comes through today with some very exciting news about his new project. "Fuck it, NEXT PROJECT IS BLUE CHIPS 7," he tweeted. The rapper hinted that we can expect new music to arrive soon and he will be working more on the music instead of his popular cooking show, Fuck, That's Delicious. "I've been busy making quality television. Time to let the beast back out. #BlueChips7." 

If you remember, Bronson actually announced the Party Supplies collaboration  for the first time last summer. At the time, he confirmed that the project would be the last installment of his Blue Chips trilogy. His tweets today suggests we will finally get to hear Blue Chips 7 in the near future. Even better, he promises that we won't be disappointed. "WHEN YOU HEAR BLUE CHIPS 7 YOU WILL CRASH WHATEVER VEHICLE YOU ARE DRIVING INTO THE WINDOW OF BOSTON MARKET." We are definitely holding him to that. Check out his tweets about the upcoming release below.