It seems a certain Virgin Australia employee—or at least the one running their Twitter account—might not be a fan of Kanye West. During another one of Kanye's recent Twitter rants where he called out Pitchfork for giving The Life of Pablo a nine out of 10, Kanye insisted TLOP deserved a "30 out of 10." Virgin Australia replied to the tweet with, "EAD you douche."

Virgin Australia immediately took down the tweet, but it had already been seen by plenty of the accounts 210,000 followers. The airline denied their involvement. Instead, they tweeted an apology and insisted they are investigating the matter.

Kanye has made no formal reply to the tweet, but did take to Twitter again in a series of unusually positive tweets. Following the Grammys broadcast and that obvious shade Taylor Swift threw his way in reply to his "Famous" lyric, 'Ye instead explained how he's been dealing with debt for the past few years. He also thanked adidas for supporting his vision and stressed that "this country was built off of dreamers" and to "never give up on your dreams, bro." Kanye had a similar attitude following his beef with Wiz Khalifa on Twitter. We'll see how long his "positive energy" lasts.