Late last night, a fight broke out within Trina's entourage as they were leaving a club in Miami and TMZ managed to get a hold of footage of the entire thing. While it appears that Trina is right in the thick of the fight, a rep for the rapper told TMZ that she was actually trying to break up things between two of her guy friends that were acting up. The footage picks up with one of the men being kicked off of her party bus, and then escalated when the man that she was trying to calm down shoved her.

Rumors circulated around social media that Trina was fighting with a fan, but she was actually only defending a friend from the other one. It's unclear what brought on the fight and if the police had to be called to the scene during the aftermath of the situation. If nothing else, this video further proves that Trina really isn't someone who you want to mess with. We'll continue to update this story as more details come out.