Album: The College Dropout
Producer: Kanye West
Label: Roc-A-Fella, Def Jam

It goes without saying that Kanye has a love/hate relationship with all things academic. For reasons expressed throughout his debut, Kanye hated higher education, despite his mother being the head of the English Department at Chicago State University. The college life isn’t for everybody, and Kanye goes into great detail about it on “School Spirit.” Everything from pledgeship to registering for classes grinded Yeezy’s gears: “I hate it there/I hate there/Everything I want I gotta wait a year, wait a year,” not to mention spotting the valedictorian who was working at the Cheesecake Factory on Michigan Avenue.

“School Spirit” is also ironic because at the time, the biggest supporters of Kanye’s music were—you guessed it—college students. I guess 'Ye was right all along—they had the dropout keeping kids in school!