Album: Freshmen Adjustment
Producer: Kanye West
Label: Self-Released

Prior to shocking the world with The College Dropout, Kanye was still trying to prove that he was viable as a rapper. In late '02 and early '03, he began releasing a slew of mixtapes featuring not only tracks he'd produced for other artists, but also the solo material he'd been perfecting for years. Perhaps the best of these mixtapes was Get Well Soon, which featured early versions of "Through the Wire," "Jesus Walks," and perhaps the best of his early work, "My Way." Featuring Yeezy's signature chipmunk soul sample, "My Way" tosses darts at certain inhabitants of the City of Hella Haters. At the time, 'Ye was almost on: "Y'all just talk about my dough/How I left Chicago/How I'm the only one eatin'/Shut ya pie hole." Kanye did it his way and eventually won big.