Album: Freshmen Adjustment
Producer: Kanye West
Label: Self-Released

Remember back in the summer of ‘03 when Ol Dirty Bastard was released from jail and immediately signed with the Roc? There was that awkward video featuring clips of Dame Dash waiting for Dirty on the jail steps of prison; and then the painful backroom brawl between The RZA and Dame for the rights to Dirty. The whole thing never quite set well with other members of the Roc, and it definitely raised an iron flag within the Wu-Tang ranks.

Taking the new addition in stride, another recent Roc-A-Fella signee recruited Dirt McGirt to knock out the hook for “Keep The Receipt,” a record intended for The College Dropout. “Keep The Receipt” surfaced on the advance copy of album, but when the project hit retail it was nowhere to be found. It’s a shame, too, because the beat and Kanye’s brash lyrics have stood the test of time: “The first producer to rap better than them rappers.” He showed, he proved, and most importantly, he told the truth.

Fun fact: A promo video for “Keep The Receipt” was shot and chopped by Channel Zero TV (a public access Chicago hip-hop show that had close ties to Kanye) that starred The Dropout Bear on his adventures throughout Chicago and Los Angeles.