Album: 808s & Heartbreak
Producer: Kanye West, No I.D.
Label: Roc-A-Fella, Def Jam

Due to a string of tumultuous events in Kanye’s life, his album 808s & Heartbreak broke from his past and took an entirely different path. Favoring Auto-Tune and sing-songy melodies over traditional rappity-rapping, 808s was a total departure.

Cold and hollow, “Heartless” probably best describes this dark yet beautiful moment in Yeezy’s career. The tones Kanye and No I.D. brought to life may have sounded heartless, but the song was really all about affairs of the heart. Tragedy in love is something every human on the planet can relate to. Bad break-ups happen, and since Kanye was living through one at the time, his honesty bled through. That’s probably why the song sold 5.5 million copies worldwide, and killed radio charts across the world.