Album: Cruel Summer
Producer: Kanye West, Boogz & Tapez
Label: Def Jam

“New God Flow” found Kanye reuniting with producer Boogz, a graduate of Yeezy’s early production stable Kon Man Productions. With Boogz’ protegé Tapez in tow, the trio curated some new age boom-bap for the G.O.O.D. compilation, Cruel Summer.

While “New God Flow” is heavy on the samples (most notably Ghostface’s “Mighty Healthy”) it provided the perfect backdrop for Ye and Pusha to spew their bravado and unforgiving opulence. Pusha sounds completely re-energized, while Kanye continues his quest to shed light on the recent violence plaguing the Chi: “I’m from the 312/Where cops don’t through/And dreams don’t come true.” Sources say Kanye creates his songs with packed stadiums in mind—which explains the military call and response at the end. Whatever the case, both artists sounded heavenly on this one.