Album: The Blueprint 2
Producer: The Neptunes
Label: Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam

If two versions weren’t already enough, Kanye threw his hat in the ring for his own rendition of the “Excuse Me Miss (Remix)”—complete with his own verse tacked on the end. Pharrell’s version of “La La La” was hard-hitting and aggressive, and Kanye's remake was every bit as commanding.

While Yeezy’s straight-to-mixtape version didn’t get the glossy video treatment that Pharrell’s did, Ye was able to fly under the radar and take playful jabs at Big Brother’s boo Beyonce (whose relationship with Jay was still somewhat "unofficial" at the time): “So you take the Destiny’s Child girl in the coupe/And I’ma try to bag the ones that got kicked out the group.”