It's been a while since Cam'ron went full Killa Cam on social media, but that streak ended today when he decided to give his side of a story that Karen Civil told about him and Jay Z on Taxstone's podcast that took place during their Def Jam days. According to Karen, Cam refused to move his car as Jay tried to pull his Maybach into the Def Jam office parking lot. "So then Jay had to get out the car and he walked over cause he wanted to see who was in the car, like who wouldn’t move out the way," Karen said. "So then he came over, he looked… Dipset was out of the building the next week. And so we set up shop in Juelz’s studio for a little bit."

Cam took to Instagram to dispute Karen's story, and even said that him and Jay were not enemies, though it's public perception that they didn't really like each other back in the day. "He signed off on mad projects we did.. When he didn't have too.. And showed my crew love," Cam wrote. "It wasn't till I Left Def Jam (not kicked out) till we fell out..and I still respect his hustle and business savvy.." Cam mentioned in the post that him and Karen used to work together back in the day, but it certainly seems like things aren't great between them now.

In another post, he shared a video clip of a recent conversation with Civil, where he asked about $60,000 that he alleges she took from Diplomats member Duke Da God. You can listen to Karen on the podcast and see Cam's responses below.