The White House isn't the only one addressing Netflix's newest murder mystery series, Making a Murderer. Brendan Dassey's half-brother and Steven Avery's nephew, Brad Dassey, who identifies himself on Twitter as a "Christian hip hop, Christian rap indie artist," is coming to the defense of his relatives with his own rap after praying on the idea. The rap declares both Brendan and Steven's innocence and references the now infamous prosecutor Ken Kratz, and calls out the controversial police conduct during the investigation. If you were wondering, this is not one of the brothers who Avery thinks might have framed him.

If you're not familiar, Making a Murderer is Netflix's latest documentary series that recounts the life of Manitowoc County resident Steven Avery. [Spoilers Ahead]: Avery was convicted for sexual assault in 1985 and served 18 years in prison before DNA evidence exonerated him of all charges. He was later tried and convicted for the 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach. His nephew Brendan Dassey was also tried and convicted for aiding Avery in the murder. The series has catapulted Avery and Dassey's case back into the headlines with new revelations, a new special, and even a new legal team coming to the uncle and nephew's defense. [End Spoilers]

In the meantime, you can listen to Brad's rap above, which he also made available for free download, of course.