Following the White House's official response to a petition calling for the pardon of Netflix's Making a Murderer subject Steven Avery, another network has announced plans to offer their own take on the controversial murder case. Investigation Discovery (ID) is set to air Front Page: The Steven Avery Story later this month, Variety reports. If comments from ID's Henry Schleiff are any indication, this quick follow-up will not strike the same tone as the Netflix phenomenon.

"We feel compelled to display some of the critical details missing from the Netflix production," Schleiff told members of the press at Television Critics Association event on Thursday. "In an attempt to provide critical and crucial testimonies that surround … Steven Avery." Installments of the ongoing Front Page series, produced in cooperation with NBC's Peacock Productions, are often described as "instamentaries" due to their characteristically quick filming process. Production on the Steven Avery edition, hosted by Dateline's Keith Morrison, reportedly kicked off just days ago.

The latest controversy surrounding Avery' conviction in the alleged murder of Teresa Halbach was revealed earlier this week, with one of the jurors being confirmed as an active volunteer for the Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department during the case. Furthermore, the juror's son reportedly served as a sergeant for the department during Avery's trial.

Thus far, Netflix has not revealed any plans for a follow-up special of their own.