It all started with the Hot Boys—the quartet of young New Orleans rappers that helped skyrocket Cash Money Records to fame and fortune in the late ’90s, with hit albums as a group, followed by successful solo albums of their own. It has been over a decade since Lil Wayne, Juvenile, B.G., and Turk have all performed together, and a full reunion may not come anytime soon, with B.G. serving a 14-year federal prison sentence that started in 2012. But Weezy, Juvie, and Turk have been friendly in recent years, showing up together in the 2 Chainz video “Used 2” in 2013, and then all rapping together on the recent remix to Bankroll Fresh’s hit, “Hot Boy.” Wayne promised a Hot Boys reunion at Weezyana Fest when he announced the concert back in July, so let’s watch as he brings these confirmed guests out for the show.