The Aston Shuffle is one of Australia’s biggest dance groups. American festival ravers will most likely know them from the Tommy Trash version of their track, “Won’t Get Lost,” but their work isn’t limited to that at all. With a new album Photographs on the way, TAS has been fully pushing with with hype. To further that hypetrain TAS linked up with Dom Dolla to get a dope new remix of their track, “Back & Forth” with singer Elizabeth Rose. While the original has some soulful indie R&B vocal styles with understated yet driving disco feel and dashes of electro to keep you on your feet, this remix is bass-ier affair. It’s a tad garage, it’s a tad classic house, it’s a tad deep, and it’s definitely got a phat bass. Fans of AC Slater might find this a little more chill then his knee-bucklers, but it’s still got a lot of that low-end funky flavor to get the groove poppin. Not a word on this track's release, but weeeou, I like it and I want it now.