We're heading directly into the thick of it with summer time, aren't we? Why not drop off a new series for the masses? MaxX & EJ, who you might remember recently won Enchufada's Branko "Control" remix competition, have been cultivating a number of records and decided to start unleashing them via DAD in a new "MaxX & EJ Mondays" series. And while they are normally known for more tropical/moombah flavors, the first bit from this series is a pure club banger. Here's what they had to say about the debut cut from their new weekly series:

"Since the summer is in full swing now, we figured we fixed up a club-esque track with some classic vocals everyone knows and love (and if you don't, you need a history lesson).  "She's Fresh" hits you with that Bmore/Jersey bite and lays you down with the synth work.  THIS is the essential party starter track.  Hope you guys dig!"