Any true music aficionado has their playlists for every occasion. Yes, shuffle can work if you've got the right library and something Songza can tide you over in a pinch, but self-curating playlists is always the move.  Now obviously there's a playlist for that morning commute, the gym, the pre-club turn up, and of course, for those intimate moments.  Not getting physical with just anyone, but with that special someone you've long pined for, or perhaps been with for quite some time.  Chicago's Different Sleep follows up his Friends of Friends released EP, Conflictwith a new take on Future's Kanye West-featured "I Won."

As you might imagine from the original's dreamy lovey-dovey themes, this one is also for those intimate moments, but Different Sleep's strips this down to do it his own way.  The result feels much moodier and warmer, with a slowed-down tempo and style reminiscent of '90s R&B ballads.  I could easily imagine this instrumental without Future and Kanye and instead a bit of that Boyz II Men or Jodeci style flavor.  Different Sleep certainly has a knack for articulating emotion through music and I'm always enjoying his material.