Shouts to Young Cedar for the heads up on this one. She told me a few days ago that at 98 Rivington St. (adjacent to Galli Restaurant) in the Lower East Side of New York City, a mural with the Disclosure face on it was spotted. It's actually been sitting on their Instagram page since June 8, with no real break down of what it means, aside from the fact that Roman Grandinetti of CNNCTD was behind it... until now.

It looks like this mural plays off of a number of things that are important in Disclosure's lives, from their love of J Dilla to the sales to date of their breakout single, "Latch." Check out the pictures of the mural up above, along with a full rundown below:

48207: The zip code of Detroit, home to J Dilla, one of Disclosure's early musical inspirations
RH20SD: Postcode in Surrey, England of Reigate College, the tech school attended by Guy and Howard of Disclosure
11211: The zip code of Williamsburg, home to Glasslands, which was the first venue Disclosure ever played in New York City
EC1Y7GD: The postcode of the place where "Latch" was co-written with Jimmy Napes and Sam Smith.
769,346: Total sales to date of "Latch"