Today, reports surfaced that Chief Keef has been evicted from his Highland Park home in Chicago. Amid the reports, the owner of home, Bal K. Bansal, told reporters that Keef is simply moving out and was not evicted.

Officers at the scene, however, said otherwise, claiming that the eviction stems from a May 7 court hearing, where an order for forcible entry and detainer was filed. The report states that Keef had fallen behind on his rent payments by almost $30,000. This comes as no surprise but some of Keef's neighbors said that he was a bad tenant and that they had heard gunshots from the residence.

[via The Chicago Tribune]

UPDATE: TMZ spoke with Keef following the eviction, and he says he was kicked out because his neighbors didn't like him, and not because he owed money. Watch video of their conversation with him below.

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